The Choices We Make

The choices we make can sometimes put us in a black hole from where may seem like there is no escape.Sometimes, we end up in this black hole due to random circumstances in life. Yes, that can genuinely happen. But, 95% of the time, it’s our own fault due to our own decisions.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.

A good thing because if we make our own misfortune, we can also make our own fortune.

A bad thing because we can feel guilty, worthless and all kinds of negative feelings because we know we dug our own grave.

There’s no taking back bad decisions from your past.

There’s only learning with them, change the internal structures which need to change and keep pushing forward with your life.

These black holes keep on happening since most people go through life in an unconscious and conditioned state.

They learn one way of move through the world (in their infancy years), and they use this all their life without thinking or reflecting on their actions, behaviors and thoughts.

But the conditioning you have from your infancy years is probably not the most useful at your present life. It can lead you to frequent black holes across your life.

This is a consequence of unconsciously moving through the world. Repeating the same patterns and the same behaviors over and over again without change.

It can happen in social situations: always having the same type of energy and behavior when you’re with others.

It can happen in work related situations: never having different actions regardless of your work.

It can happen in romantic and sexual situations: always attracting the same kind of partner, constantly having the same type of behaviors.

And so on.

If any of these behaviors is working out for you, then by all means there’s no need to change anything. If you’re happy with it, just keep it up.

But if those behaviors are constantly putting you on black holes in life, then for sure they aren’t working and must be careful scrutinized.

Above all, it’s living an examined and conscious life where your behaviors, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are reflected on and not acted on the first impulse.

This is true inner power and the way to charisma and magnetism.

If you don’t have it already, then you’ll never develop personal magnetism if you continue to live on an unconscious state.

The reason is obvious.

You’ll just keep having the same exact thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that you always had, and hence, never becoming magnetic.

That’s why we always start our training with Inner Power. You must break your cycle of conditioning’s and unconsciousness before new magnetic patterns can make their way in.

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