The considerable life advantages of magnetism

Here’s an excellent quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“When you attract people it is because you supply something they need, something they lack; your powerful magnetism fills an empty space. This is the secret which makes one public speaker a huge success, and another a downright failure.

The one man has a great store of personal magnetism. He holds his audience enthralled; they listen to every word and carried along by the mighty wave of his immense strength and magnetic force.

The other man has none. His words fall flat. His listeners remain unmoved. Yet, he may be a man of polish, of education, of rank, with the easy speech born of cultured ancestors; and the first man might be poor uncultured and of the people. But the first man knows his subject, believes in his power to attract, and by sheer will power carries his point.

In Business matters, the same rule applies: the man of force, possessing this wonderful power of attraction, carries all before him. He is the man who can convince the unwilling (and be it said, unorganized) customer against his will. He is the man who can draw to himself success and dollars in equal proportion and can climb to the topmost rung of the ladder.

In the acquirement of this life force applies to every grade of society and to both sexes.”

Such is the magnetic power and I’m certainly thankful I’ve come across these teachings. I know my life would have been much different had I not learned and placed the – considerable – effort in training it.

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