The cornerstone technique of all energy control

Bodily and energy awareness is the cornerstone upon which all energy control rests.
In very simple terms, your ability to control energy rises in the same proportion as your energy awareness. This is true for internal control as well as external – projection.
There’s no way around it.
If you can’t feel it, it’s very hard to control it.
Hence, an consistent work needs to be done here.
How intense and how consistent depends on your ability to become aware of what’s happening inside.
Some people were lucky enough to already been born with a great “inbuilt” energy awareness. For them, it’s quite obvious what’s going on inside. They didn’t even had to make much of an effort when feeling energy.
This energy awareness is just there.
For the rest of us – and I include myself here as well – we need to train it. We need to develop this awareness from the ground up.
At the very beginning of my training I thought I already had a good energy awareness, so these awareness exercises were placed on the back-burner. Fabricio had to push me to actually do the exercises.
And I’m glad he did. Without it, I would still be thinking I had a great awareness, when in fact, I couldn’t feel even 1% of what I now feel.
The evolution is often not quick unfortunately. It may take time. Even now, after decades of this work I still uncover new energetic pathways.
But this is a good opportunity to understand much better how the energy works. You really are pushing the limits of your awareness as you do exercises such as the ones on the Vitality and Energy Training.
This may seem like the least sexy endeavor you can take. You aren’t projecting blue rays of lightning out of your hands, or make people kneel as you pass them.
You are simply looking inside your own body.
Feeling what is there. Deeply.
But it’s well worth it!
As you increase your energy awareness, you also increase what you can actually DO with the energy.
Advanced manifestation is made possible with energy awareness.
Projection is made possible with energy awareness.
Among others.
Don’t put this on the back-burner as I did in the beginning. Really make it a cornerstone of your whole training and you won’t regret it!

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