The deeper layers of the exercises

On all the exercises and trainings we offer in Charisma School there’s never only one layer of it. There are always several layers of understanding and awareness that you need to grasp.

So the first time you do a training, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get everything about it.

I’m not exactly referring to the intelectual understanding… but to the experiential one.

What exactly this exercise does in your body, mind and energy?

What exactly do you feel from it?

Let’s take for example one of the “simplest” exercises: the dot on the wall from the Magnetic Gaze training.

It seems easy enough to understand. You are training the muscles of your eyes to stabilize in a point.

It doesn’t take long to do or to become good at it. In a couple of weeks, maybe a month, your eyes get stable enough that you can hold the gaze on any point. So you think that you can stop doing it – or doing it only sporadically -, since you got pretty much everything you could out of that exercise.

Yet, as you evolve in your magnetic training and your energy awareness, you start to notice other minor subtleties.

You start to notice a minor tingling in the eyes. So you understand that there’s some energy at work here. It’s not just the muscular aspect that you are training. You are also training an aspect of the energy around the eyes.

As you continue to evolve in your awareness, you notice that you can increase or decrease the amount of tension energy around the eyes as you are doing the exercise. So you can train your gaze to become stronger, more intense, or less intense.

You can make your gaze spark, just with this exercise alone.

And still, if someone is looking at you from the outside, it seems like you are doing the exact same exercise. Yet, your awareness is a lot deeper now. You are now working on a different layer.

It’s no longer only a muscular thing, but it’s also energetic.

But, it can go further.

As your awareness progresses, you notice that as your eyes are filled with energy and you are fixating on a point. It’s like there’s some kind of energetic path that connects your eyes to the point you are gazing at.

So, you notice the barebones of projection right here. Energy flows from you to that point, through your gaze. Once you notice this, you can start to control it. You can increase and decrease the projection strength of your gaze.

Now, using only that simple exercise, you can train the intensity of your eyes and you can train the strength of your projection.

This is only to get started and something you can uncover easily, there are a lot more layers in there!

And this is only the “simplest” of the exercises, that is taught on the Magnetic Gaze free training as well as in many New Thought books from Atkinson and others. The mechanics and instructions are very simple. Discovering its many layers, not so much.

It’s the exact same for all the other exercises.

For you to understand the layers, you need a good energy awareness and you need to deepen your training. Like you, I also didn’t grasped this when I was first taught. I’m also not a prodigy who got it all from the first try. It took me a long time to understand all this… and I’m still working on it!

You can only understand at the level that you are ready to understand. As your training evolves, so will your understanding and the results from your practice. But definitely don’t neglect the “easy” exercises. Instead, because they are so easy for you, you can dive deeper into them and become aware of much more layers.

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