The defense mechanisms of your body and energy

I’m sure you’ve read about the concept of defense mechanisms.

Defense mechanisms is a psychoanalytical concept which defines an unconscious psychological mechanism that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful stimuli.

This is the Wikipedia definition, but in more practical terms, it’s what you unconsciously do when you can’t accept some feeling you may have inside.

Here are some examples:

You’ve probably heard about rationalization: the justification of your behavior and motivations by substituting “good” acceptable reasons for the actual motivations.

Or repression: burying a painful memory or feeling from your awareness.

Or being passive aggressive: expressing aggression toward others in an indirect way.

Among many others.

Whether you are psychologically healthy or unhealthy, you use these psychological defense mechanisms throughout life – some more than others depending on your own individual psychology.

You’ve unconsciously learned them on your early years, and they stuck with you as a way to deal with different types of situations.

The same way that your psychology has these defense mechanisms, your energy has a similar concept to reduce anxiety. In fact, we could even say that these very same psychological defense mechanism have their energetic counterpart.

This means that your body and energy also has a mechanism to deal with the anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful stimuli.

Not just your psychology. They are intertwined.

Which means that if you get nervous on a date (for example), your energy has a way to deal with that.

Maybe it’s a tightening of your throat area, or tensing your lower back or having your hands cold or sweating, or a thousand other manifestations. This is a way that your energy found to handle the anxiety which arises from that external (or internal) stimuli.

And, there’s no problem with it, if you’re happy on the way you’ve handling these distinct types of situations. If having a bit of anxiety and a few of these manifestations doesn’t bother you or affects your personal magnetism or your behavior, then you won’t need to do much.

But, on the other hand, if you’re not happy with the way you’ve dealing with certain types of situations in your life due to the way you react to them, then it means your energetic defense mechanisms are not helping you.

That’s why we created a training that does a “reset” to your energetic defense mechanisms. It’s called “The Unblocking Process” and only for the next two days, until January 30th, there’s 15% off!

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