the demand always brings the supply

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“Every man has within himself wonderful powers, lying dormant and unsuspected, which are merely awaiting the word of the master Will, impelled by a burning, eager, ardent desire, to spring at once into being, full armed and equipped for the fray. And these powers and capabilities come under the LAW — they are a part of that great Something behind, underneath, and within us all. The recognition of the existence of such powers is the first step toward their development and unfoldment.

You think that you have not ability for Financial Success, simply because you do not realize the existence of these latent powers within you. If you were brought suddenly face to face with the necessity of awakening these powers into action, and could muster up enough courage to say “I Can and I Will,” you would find the ready response from within, and the steady flow of knowledge, wisdom, power and ability with which to accomplish the task set before you for completion.

Do not hesitate to accept any new responsibility, whether the same is forced upon you, or whether you reach out for it yourself. Say to yourself over and over again, “I can and I will accomplish this task. It never would have been put before me unless I were able.” And you will be surprised and delighted at the new and wonderful powers that will spring forth from your sub-conscious self to aid you in your undertaking.

These are not mere idle words, designed to make pleasant reading. They are the words of truths that have become apparent to every successful man or woman. Talk with the successful people of the world, and they will tell you that they have had this experience over and over again — new opportunities and new necessities brought to them new faculties, and new powers, heretofore undreamed of. The demand always brings the supply, if we will but open ourselves to the inflow from the great Source of Supply—the Universal Power House.”

Atkinson sentence: “the demand always brings the supply” is crucial here. Indeed so many individuals procrastinate and don’t do what they are supposed to do due to this factor.

We tend to delay and procrastinate when we don’t actually need to. Tell any farmer that he should relax for a day and he would immediately tell you: “If you tell my cows to relax and don’t produce any milk today, then I will also relax”. If he doesn’t milk the cows, no one else milks them for him.

When you actually need to do something, you will do it.

Personally I prefer to develop the Will to do whatever I want, beating procrastination, without being in a position of “need”.

This is what we train in the course:
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