The devastated guy at an airport!

Last week at an airport I was having some trouble understanding one of the notices they were saying on the speaker of the boarding gates.

Fortunately I had a young man beside me – who I haven’t met before -, but he was kind enough to translate what they were saying about the flight.

After this, we got to talk quite a bit since the flight was delayed.

We started to talk about random airport stuff, but after a while he ended up sharing his problems.

He had broken up with his girlfriend just a week before (classic story: she cheated on him with one of his friends), and so he was devastated and was traveling to the first cheap destination he could find so that he could take his mind out of all this.

Breaking up is painful – particularly on those situations – and there’s nothing you can do to avoid this pain (that doesn’t involve repressing it and avoiding it).

The problem was that his overall mindset was completely screwed.

He was telling me how hard it was just to find that one girl and how he always had trouble attracting women. With his girlfriend, he mentioned how she told him he was more of a friend than a boyfriend.

Translation: he had no sexual energy or sexual attraction.

That’s why he was so devastated. He thought that he would be alone forever.

It wasn’t that hard to understand why. He had very little sexuality in him. He got intimidated if I brought up any kind of sexuality conversation.

He was in desperate need of intense mindset, unblocking, inner power and sexual energy work.

I explained him the simple rule of: if you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

And the way he was blocking all his sexuality. There’s no way he would get any significant attraction this way.

If something as simple as demonstrating a sexual intention was that impossible for him, he would continue to be on that same path for a long time.

What he really needed was deep energetic and unblocking work, but that was quite hard to do at an airport in 30 minutes, so I explained him some simple techniques, first of inner power and secondly of sexual energy. Nothing that the students of 10 Steps to Inner Power and Sexual Energy Mastery are not familiar with.

And we both went our separate ways.

Just a few days ago he sent me an email saying how he met a girl during his travel and they are now traveling together as a couple.

Good for him!

Now, of course, as soon as he returns home, all his previous anchors will be firing off again and if nothing more is done he will continue to be his previous avoiding sexuality self, since he needs a lot more work.

But at least during the travel he had a taste what it was to be free of these sexual blocks.

Unfortunately, these type of issues are very common. Until the rule of “if you want to have sex, you need to be sexual” is internalized and truly accepted inside of you, it’s very hard to get any type of significant sexual attraction.

That’s why we created the Sexual Energy Mastery training. You can feel exactly what type of blocks you have inside regarding sex and fix them. The goal is to get your sexual energy moving freely inside! The more comfortable you are with it, the easier it is for you to project it outside and achieve a significant level of attraction.

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