The difference in projections

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Thought-Waves are manifested in a variety of forms and phases. Some are the waves emanated from the minds of all thinkers, unconsciously and without purpose, and usually without much force. Others are sent forth with great force, and travel far, manifesting a degree of influence commensurate with the force with which they are projected. Others are directed purposely toward certain individuals or places, and travel along rapidly in a straight line to the point towards which they have been directed or aimed. Others are sent forth with great strength and power, but instead of being directed toward any particular person or place, are designed to sweep around in great whirlpools of energy affecting all who happen to fall within their field of force.

You will readily understand that there is a great difference between Thought-Waves sent forth idly and unconsciously, and without knowledge of the underlying laws of Mental Influence, and those projected with a full knowledge of the laws governing the phenomena and urged on and directed by a powerful Will of the sender. The force is the same, but the degree of its power, and the measure of its effect, is determined by the conditions of its sending forth.

The vibratory force of these Thought-Waves does not cease with the sending forth of the wave, but persists for a long time afterward. Just as heat in a room persists long after the fire in the stove has been extinguished—just as the perfume of the flower exists in a room long after the flower has been removed — just as a ray of light travels through space for millions of miles, and for centuries after the star itself has been blotted out of existence—just as any and all forms of vibratory energy persist in manifestation after the initial impulse has been withdrawn — so do the vibrations of Thought continue long after the thought, yes, long after the brain which sent them forth has passed into dust.

There are many places today filled with the thought vibrations of minds long since passed out of the body. There are places filled with the strong vibrations of tragedies long since enacted there. Every place has an atmosphere of its own, arising from the thought vibrations set in motion by the various persons who have inhabited or occupied them. Every city has its own mental atmosphere which has its effect upon persons moving into them. Some are lively, some dull, some progressive, some old-fogyish, some moral, some immoral — the result of the character of the early settlers and leading spirits of the places. Persons moving into these towns are affected by the atmosphere, and either sink to the general level, or else, if strong enough, help to change the mental tone of the place. Sometimes a change in conditions bring a large influx of new people to the town, and the mental waves of the newcomers tend to bring about a marked change in the local mental atmosphere. These facts have been noticed by many observing people who were, perhaps, not familiar with the laws and principles underlying the phenomena.”

The sentence in bold above is probably the most important one that you should understand and retain.

Everything changes with a strong Willful intention!

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