The different divisions of energy

An advanced level of energetic attraction is the polarity. The polarity divides whatever energy you are training into two: Masculine/Feminine, Yang/Yin, Active/Passive.

This means that you can have a masculine sexual energy and a feminine sexual energy.

Or you can have a masculine tension energy and a feminine tension energy.

This is not just an intelectual or abstract concept, you can actually feel the two poles of each of your energies.

You will have more of one or another and you will be more naturally drawn to one or another – usually the opposite of what you have (but not necessarily).

It’s important that you understand that there’s only one energy, but this energy can be divided into many different subcategories: two, three, four and so on. And in turn, each of these divisions can be subdivided into the same subcategories, and so on.

You have infinite divisions of energy. Each with its own characteristics.

Of course, you don’t need to train (or to be aware) of each and every one of those infinite subdivisions. It’s only important you understand the concept:

There’s only one energy, but this energy can be subdivided into many different ones, each with its own characteristics.

Why is this relevant to you?

Can’t you just train sexual energy or tension energy and be done with it?

Yes you can!

It’s all about versatility and having more options. For example, in sexual energy you can decide if you want to transmit a more passionate, physical, raw sex energy or a more loving, sweeter energy. Both are sexual energy, they just have different qualities, and completely different effects in whoever you are interacting with.

This is an advanced level training since you already need to have a good energy awareness and mastery over the ONE energy before moving on to subdividing it. In other words, if you can’t be aware and project one energy, you won’t really be able to use its different qualities and divisions.

That’s why this is only worked on advanced level trainings, just like Magnetic Gaze Level 3.

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