The different qualities of energy

In Charisma School we have been working with mostly two types of energy:

Tension energy – the energy of personal magnetism and the Will.


Sexual energy – the energy of sexual attraction and sexuality.

There are of course many more types of energy, but each of these base energies also have their own qualities. Tension energy and sexual energy can have different subdivisions.

In fact, they can have infinite number of qualities.

For you to understand this better in practice, let’s think about personal magnetism. An example of personal magnetism that many students bring up is often James Bond. If you have watched the movies you’ll see that Sean Connery’s James Bond is completely different from Daniel Craig’s.

They are interpreting the exact same character, yet, there are profound differences in the way they carry themselves, in the way they interact and magnetism.

The base energy is the same: a good amount of tension energy. But there are differences in the way they are working and projecting this same tension energy.

And because of that, they both have slightly different qualities of personal magnetism. In fact, you’ll never have the same exact type of personal magnetism than a certain person. It will always be a bit different.

If you can find differences between the same exact movie character, then you’ll find many more in different persons.

For example, the personal magnetism of James Bond is fully different than the personal magnetism of Richard Branson or any other magnetic individual that you may recall.

Their base energy can be the same, but the qualities associated to that energy are different… yet, they are magnetic the same way.

The same exact thing happens in sexual energy. If you think about a sexually magnetic man or woman, you’ll see that this person has something that differentiates him or her from other sexually magnetic individuals.

The same underlying sexual energy is there, but there’s something different. Maybe magnetic individual A has a more raw, animalistic, sexual magnetism, while magnetic individual B has a more emotional, passionate sexual magnetism.

In naturally magnetic individuals this is – of course – unconscious. They don’t exactly know what they are doing or what they are projecting.

But in all of us who study and practice energy and magnetism, we can do it in a conscious way.

That’s the work advanced Charisma School students are doing with using different qualities of energy. It’s no longer just about whatever magnetism or energy comes naturally, it’s about using the magnetic qualities that you want for a specific purpose.

This demands a bigger amount of energy awareness and control, but the rewards are also greater!

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