The different Will trainings

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Using the Will to make things happen from my experience seems like a very masculine approach to doing things, and I absolutely love. What is the way of letting things flow to you or do you believe there is even a way to do this?”

The Will is more than masculine or feminine. It’s your absolute center of consciousness.

But it can be used in a masculine way – which is the way it’s commonly used – or it can be used in a feminine way.

So the Will in itself is neither masculine or feminine.

It’s our essence of being, it’s beyond the duality.

To be clear: I’m writing about the archetype of masculine/feminine and not men and women in particular.

When you are truly connected to the Will and you are constantly moving and acting on the world from your Will, events have a tendency to flow to you.

Synchronicities and “coincidences” tend to be common.

You are connected to something that has a deep connection with the universe and everything around you.

But this only happens with a deep connection to the Will.

And you cannot be deeply connected to the Will if you allow yourself to be constantly moved from every single thought, emotion or fear you feel. You become like a leaf in the wind.

This is where the masculine Will work comes in and that’s why we always start any magnetic training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training and The Unblocking Process.

It’s a way to overcome fears, anxieties, emotions. You are not your thoughts or your emotions and you can’t allow them to rule your whole life.

You need to understand them, become aware of them and work with them.

Not ignore them, or allow them to run your life.

When you can overcome this in some degree (doesn’t need perfection), the feminine work can start.

But if you start with feminine Will work when you don’t yet have the house in order, in other words, if your mind, emotions and anxieties are still roaming free, you’ll simply be drawn to random directions, since, in fact, you are not connected to your Will.

The feminine Will type of work is where you allow your Will to act on you and you can flow with it. You no longer need that much control and strength, even if it’s always present in some degree.

In your normal everyday life, there’s a constant balance you’ll need to achieve between the masculine and feminine Will.

You also need to train it in stages – otherwise it’s very hard to get a balance – , yet during your life, both aspects need to be present.

Sometime you need to toughen up and get a stronger masculine Will, while other times you need to soften the strength and allow the energy to flow inside, so you can connect with the real source.

Students of the Sexual Energy Mastery, will understand it well, since the whole program is built into this dynamic of control and flow, masculine and feminine.

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