The Elements of Inner Power

Inner power is not something you can just “think” your way to having it.It’s also not something you can fake.

Well… you can fake it and most people can even be fooled by it.

But you can’t fool your own energy and mind, and as such, your charisma certainly won’t be fooled by it.

Your behaviors, actions, thoughts and internal states define your inner power, which in turn contributes to your charisma.

Doing what you know is wrong is certainly a good way to keep decreasing your inner power.

NOT doing something you fear, is also a good way to decrease your inner power.

Keeping a bad internal state throughout the day on a regular basis is another good way to NOT have inner power.

What you think and feel, your mental state, they all have crucial importance on your inner power, but so do your actions and behaviors in your day to day life.

Justifying for yourself a bad or immoral action, won’t make it right. Justifying for yourself why
you didn’t face that fear won’t make you powerful.

Everything you do (and also think and feel) contributes to your inner power or lack there of.

That’s both good news and bad news.

The good news is that due to this fact, you have in your power the ability to create a great inner power. Everyday you can change all those elements and improve your inner power.

The bad news is that the strength of your habits make it hard to do so.

Hence the need to develop conscious awareness over several factors and work them to a great level as we do in the 10 Steps to Inner Power course.

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