The everyday exchange of energy

On every interaction you have during your day there’s an exchange of energy.

Normal people think it’s about the content of the conversation. What you talk about and so on.

But this is only a very small part of it.

It’s this exchange of energy that’s important, not the conversation content.

Right from the first second there’s an exchange of energetic information.

Your energy faces the other person’s energy.

Right on that moment both individuals unconsciously decide how they’ll position themselves in the interaction.

Who is more dominant, who is attracted, who attracts, and so forth.

But this is all an energetic reaction! It’s very important that this concept is fully understood so that you can finally realize the importance of magnetism in your life.

It’s due to this fact that people often have the same experiences in their relationships. I’m sure you have heard before something like: “I’m always attracting the same type of persons”; “Why does this keep happening to me?” and so on.

It’s about the energy that you are projecting. This energy keeps – naturally – attracting the same type of individuals.

In other words, when other people interact with you, they (unconsciously) sense your energy and adjust their own in response to yours. And vice-versa.

You keep attracting people that treat you wrongly not because of luck, but because you keep adjusting your energy to welcome these people into your life.

When you become conscious of this energetic pattern inside, you identify it. Then, when you meet someone and avoid this energetic expression, very quickly, these type of negative people will vanish from your life.

And although we are talking about an individual encountering, the same happens with the energy of a group. When you join a group, your energy will either adjust to the group’s energy or not. And if it doesn’t, you’ll always remain an outcast to that particular group.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. You just need to find a group that fits to your particular energy.

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