The Evil Eye is not something just from medieval witches. It’s present in pretty much all cultures, the oldest reference to it is probably around 3000 BC from the old texts of Babylonians and Sumerians.

The famous Egyptian eye shadow was a way to prevent the Evil Eye to enter their eyes.

All major religions talk about it one way or another. You can read about it in the Bible (both Old and New Testament) as well as in the Quran and in Buddhist literature.

Yet, it became a lot more famous by witches in medieval time.

This was the time in the history of mankind that practices like the Magnetic Gaze would get you killed.

They would consider a kind of Evil Eye and you would be burned at the stake like a witch. And in fact, they would be right.

The so called Evil Eye is nothing more than the Magnetic Gaze applied to curses and/or negative intent.

Even though the witches training were different than ours, the end result would be similar. They would train their gaze through witchcraft and rituals.

We use energetic techniques.

And, most importantly, we don’t use it with a negative intent or for negative actions.

We use it as a means to help us in our cutthroat society. To gather some advantage and some influence, but never at the expense of harming others. You can become magnetic without being negative or harmful to any one.

No one should practice the Magnetic Gaze (or any other Charisma School technique) with the goal of harming someone else in any way.

That would transform the Magnetic Gaze in the ancient witches Evil Eye.

But despite my repeated warnings, some of the Magnetic Gaze students used it with a negative intent.

Although they were successful at it, they also received the consequences. As they unfortunately discovered, what goes around comes around. And a lot quicker than you think.

It doesn’t matter what training you do or technique you use.

You get what you give. Such is the karmic law that we can’t avoid.

So use the Magnetic Gaze as useful tool for your life and you will be well rewarded. Use it with a negative intent toward others and you will receive the consequences as well.

Be smart!

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