The Evolution of Sexual Energy

The control over your sexual energy always go through these phases:

First you don’t really know what is sexual energy. You don’t understand it or recognize it in others. It’s simply a concept that most people associate with desire, even though it’s completely different.

Then, after some training, you feel it. You experientially understand the difference between sexual energy and other types of feelings and energies.

You feel that it’s a whole new dimension inside of you. Something new, even though it was always there.

You start to feel it in many different situations in your life. Little by little you begin to understand its behavior and add some control over it.

The control of your own sexual energy becomes a lot easier once you are aware of it. You stop being controlled by your own desires, and now you are the one controlling.

As this happens, you also begin to recognize it in others. You identify a hidden layer in reality that affects everything and everyone, yet, no one really knows its there.

I remember when I was just sitting in a coffee shop watching a few couples around me. It was so easy to recognize which one of them had sexual energy in their interactions and which ones hadn’t.

The same when you meet new people. You instantly know whether a person easily attracts others or not. This is done simply by being aware of the sexual energy.

But the truly interesting part starts when you begin to project it.

Now you start to influence the world around you with your own energy. You notice how, by simply manipulating the energy around you, you can make someone feel aroused and attracted.

It begins with simple projections that are not always successful. After all, you haven’t quite grasped what exactly is projection and the intensity of your projection.

You don’t quite the know the right tone of voice or the right way to gaze that is in tune with sexual energy.

But, little by little, you understand it completely until you reach a point where you no longer think about the projection of sexual energy. It’s simply there.

Just like you don’t think about breathing.

Increasing the intensity of your projection is as easy as raising finger. A simple intention of your Will, is enough to strongly project sexual energy.

It’s not an exaggeration. It becomes really easy when you reach this point of awareness and control.

And that is when you get to a point where sexual magnetism becomes a part of your identity. Now you can truly have some fun!

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