The Expansion of Magnetism

Magnetism is an expansive feeling, not a contraction one.

In other words, you can’t expect to be magnetic and still feel restricted and contracting inside of yourself.

Magnetism (whether personal magnetism or sexual magnetism) is all about expansion and abundance.

You WANT to give it away and share it with others. You don’t want to keep it all for yourself and only use it as a sniper would.

It’s not like you can be magnetic when you are shrinking away in some corner of the room.

Or, not even welcoming basic social interactions, but then, all of a sudden, you are a great magnetic person who is desired by everyone.

This is nothing more than a pipe dream and idealization that is stopping you from actually being magnetic.

If your external behavior is being restricted at a corner of a room, it doesn’t quite matter how many hours per day you practice your third eye gaze or whatever magnetic technique it may be.

Even if your energy awareness is great and you can flawlessly move energy inside of you, nothing will be manifested on the outside if you don’t allow it and/or not want to EXPAND and SHARE it with everyone around you.

There’s nothing wrong in choosing to be restricted and contracted inside of yourself, if that is what you want. Just don’t expect to be magnetic at the same time.

Magnetism is all about abundance, expansion, spreading energy. And NOT about restricting, shrinking or contract.

Magnetic energy has a feeling of expansion. It all starts from there. If you’re not expanding or giving, you are not being magnetic.

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