The Expression of Your Eyes

The eyes are one of the most expressive aspect of yourself.

They are the “mirror of the soul”.

It’s not by accident that we have a whole system of energy based on your eyes.

They are simply one of the most important parts that can express your own personal magnetism.

By training it you are teaching your eyes to transmit magnetism.

If you reflect on it, on most cases, you haven’t really thought how you use your eyes on your day to day basis.

You have simply been using it without any kind of conscious thought.

So it’s use has been mostly unconscious.

What we’re doing in the Magnetic Gaze training is actually focusing on the eyes to transmit a sense of power and magnetism to be able to better express yourself.

We are bringing more attention and focus to one of the most expressive aspects of yourself.

If they are so important in the image we transmit to others, why don’t we pay more attention to it?

Why don’t we develop the image we want to transmit?

In this sense, the Magnetic Gaze training can be just like bodybuilding for your eyes.

In bodybuiding, you are shaping your body so you become stronger, look good and attractive.

In the MG training, you are shaping your eyes so they can look better, more magnetic and transmit what you want to transmit.

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