The extraordinary power of the Will

In an interesting old book on Will by Charles Leland, he writes:

“Now the man who can develop his Will, has it in his power not only to control his moral nature to any extent, but also to call into action or realize very extraordinary states of mind, that is, faculties, talents or abilities which he has never suspected to be within his reach.

It is a stupendous thought; yes, one so great that from the beginning of time to the present day no sage or poet has ever grasped it in its full extent, and yet is is a very literal truth, that there lie hidden within us all, as in a sealed-up spiritual casket, or like the bottled-up djinn in the Arab tale, innumerable Powers or Intelligences, some capable of bestowing peace or calm, others of giving Happiness, or inspiring creative genius, energy and perseverance.

All that Man has ever attributed to an Invisible World without, lies, in fact, within him, and the magic key which will confer the faculty of sight and the power to conquer is the Will.”

Although it may seem that the author is exaggerating on the benefits of a strong Will, I can assure he is not.

The Will is a key, not only to personal magnetism, but also to your own internal change.

Once you understand it and know how to use it, you unlock an unbelievable power inside of yourself.

That’s what we work for in Charisma School.

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