The eye as a influencing mechanism

Here’s William Walker Atkinson describing the power of the gaze:

“The eye is one of the most potent means of influencing others. It not only serves to hold the attention of the person to whom you are talking, thereby rendering it easier to impress your suggestions upon him; but it is also a power in itself.

It attracts, fascinates and holds spellbound the Active partner, and gives you a chance to talk with the easy-going brother.

The eye of the man, who has mastered the law of mental control, is a powerful weapon. It conveys the strong mental vibrations direct to the mind of the other party, at short range.

You have heard of the power of the human eye over wild beasts and savages, and many of you have met with men who seemed to look clear through you and whose steady gaze was almost unbearable.

What is known as the Magnetic Gaze is the expression of a strong mental demand by means of the eye whose nerves and muscles have been trained for the work, and which is thereby enabled to maintain a firm, steady and positive gaze.”

When you develop the Magnetic Gaze, you must always develop a certain intensity in your gaze.

Not just through the use of the more “muscular” aspects of the eye (by means of exercises such as the fixed gaze, power gaze and so on) but also through the energetic and mental aspects.

You can fake having a “strong mental demand” using only the fixed gaze exercises without anything else… but then the gaze will always look empty.

It’s power without substance.

Or, in more practical terms, you can even look like a crazy psycho instead of a powerful and magnetic person.

That’s why our development with the gaze is not just eye exercises, but instead it’s a complete system of energetic and mental development, which – of course – includes the eye exercises.

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