The eyes as the initial point of contact

The first thing you do when you initially meet someone is to look them in the eyes.

It can be a conscious or an unconscious reaction, but you’ll always look at the eyes one way or the other.

And the eyes usually transmit what this person is all about. The so called first impression is much dependent upon what you feel from the eyes of this person.

From the eyes you can tell whether this person is aggressive or calm; magnetic or neutral; kind or cruel.

So the eyes are one of the first points of contact between 2 humans, hence what you express through your eyes is more fundamental for human relationships than the way you dress or the way you speak.

The eyes reflect your own energy or magnetism.

You can usually tell by the eyes whether a person is sick or debilitated in some way. It’s not just a matter of body language.

Their life force expressed by the eyes will tend to have a lesser glow. Which is quite normal in a situation of illness.

Or, a magnetic person will tend to have an ALIVE gaze. You look at this gaze and it simply shines through you!

It’s like their eyes have this powerful glow that attracts you to them.

When you train the Magnetic Gaze you learn not only how to change your internal energy but also how to project different qualities through your eyes.

Training the internal energy is important to make sure it’s always shining.

But projecting different qualities allows you to have more flexibility in terms of outcome.

In one situation, winning a project is your goal, but on another situation it may be to attract the person you are talking to.

So not only do you want to cultivate your internal energy, you want the flexibility to use the correct type of energy to the situation you are in.

The Magnetic Gaze training starts with the Foundation course and continues to Level 2 and Level 3 where the different energy types becomes more prevalent.

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