The fixed gaze practices

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I’m looking at a screen for most of my day, sometimes without blinking for a long time. What’s the difference to the magnetic gaze practices of the fixed eyes?”

This is a very fair question. After all, it does seem like the same thing.

The fixed eye type of practices involve staring at a dot or your 3rd eye for a few minutes with an unblinking gaze.

It’s seems the exact same physical process that you do while staring at a computer.

But there are a few simple but important differences:

1) the first is the gaze at one specific point with a steady gaze which doesn’t happen in your normal computer usage where your gaze naturally floats or scrolls in different points on the screen.

This specific point is one of the crucial aspect of the exercise since it focuses the energy of your eyes like a laser beam on that point.

2) The second different is the intention and energy you place on the eyes.

You already know the feeling of being in front the computer, which doesn’t exactly do much in terms of your eyes. At most, it harms them.

But, try to do any fixed gaze exercise for the first time and compare the feelings in your eyes.

IF you have any energy sensitivity, you’ll notice that the energy that is placed on your eyes increases a good deal. This intention and energy make the eyes shine and become magnetic, not merely being unblinking

You are basically bringing the energy to your eyes, which you don’t do on the computer as you are focused on whatever you are doing on the computer and not the eyes and one specific point.

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