The Frequency of Sexual Energy

Lately in this newsletter we’ve been discussing about sexual energy. This is a type of magnetism that generates a lot of attention since it affects very clearly all your dating life.Sexual energy is nothing more than a usually hidden frequency in your everyday communication. Just like a radio. If you tune into it, you’ll hear it, if you don’t, it continues to broadcast, but you just won’t listen to it.

You miss the signals from possible partners and you also aren’t able to generate any kind of attraction.

Once you connect to it, you start to recognize it everywhere and recognize when you are tuned into it or not. You start to recognize it in your movements and in your mind. Do you have it or not? Are you connected to it?

Our goal with the sexual energy training is to learn how to connect with this special type of frequency.

By doing so, it gives you a very special mind quality. One that allows you to generate sexual attraction out of thin air.

Yes, it sounds strange and ridiculous since until now we’ve mostly been taught that either there is chemistry or there isn’t. We can’t control it. Either it happens or it doesn’t.

Yet, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our own ignorance of the sexual energy frequency is feeding this myth.

Once you can connect to the frequency you are able not only to recognize sexual energy everywhere, but you are also able to GENERATE it between you and any person, and in your overall personality.

Which means that you transform yourself into a sexual magnetic person capable of eliciting and transforming any interaction into a sexual interaction.

Learn how to connect with this hidden frequency with our new training Sexual Energy Mastery:

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