The good kind of anxiety

Here’s an interesting comment from a student of Vitality and Energy Training:

“I notice that the Subtle Tension Energy almost feels like a good kind of anxiety, if that makes sense. It is definitely “nervous tension” like I used to feel when I was anxious, but since I no longer have anxiety it is just the energy without the emotional suffering.

I think maybe too many relaxation exercises made me shut off the good part of nervous energy too, and now I am learning how to activate it deliberately. This seems very useful. Most meditation, hypnosis, relaxation and so on focus only on relaxing the muscles and nerves, and never on when and how to tense them.”

Yes, when we talk about tension energy, that’s exactly what it is: “the good kind of anxiety”.

Anxiety has a very negative connotation. And indeed anxiety is overall negative.

If you are an anxious person, most likely you don’t see it as a good thing.

Because it’s not.

Depending on the degree of the anxiety, it can greatly limit your life and what you can do.

At an extreme case, you can barely leave your house; in a less extreme case, it can limit your behavior and what you can achieve on certain situations.

But… the main problem of anxiety is the uncontrolled rise of energy.

You know that certain parts of you become tense and rigid. Your heart rate may climb. Your body temperature increases and you’re pretty much ready to run away at any moment.

This is mostly the work of energy blocks that become so rigid and tense, they interrupt the normal energy flow of your body, causing unforeseen problems.

And indeed relaxation type of exercises are good for that. It stops this uncontrolled rise of the energy. The energy doesn’t rises anymore, instead it’s kept flowing slowly and steady.

Yet, when you are the one controlling the rise of this energy, without activating your energy blocks, then naturally it gives you a completely different effect!

This is no longer negative since the energy can flow without restrictions and interruptions. It gives you the same exhilaration and vitality that anxiety brings without the negative downsides.

Relaxation stops the rise of the flow – and, don’t get me wrong, this is a control important to have, so don’t neglect it. But a CONTROLLED and WILFUL rise of the energy is a different thing.

It won’t limit your behavior, it won’t cause unforeseen health problems… quite the opposite, it helps your energy flow and your body to work better. It gives you a sense of VITALITY!

That’s tension energy and why it’s called the “good kind of anxiety”. Tension energy doesn’t come from the energy blocks, or internal doubts, or stresses. Instead it comes from a place of Will.

This tension energy is what we work on the course:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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