the great influx of sexual energy

Whether we like it or not we are bombarded by dozens or hundreds of sexual images every single day.

Maybe it’s when you’re walking in your city and see the billboards; or even without getting out of your house and you see the ads on the internet – which are now highly sexualized; and even on your phone anywhere you are.

And it’s not only ads. Good luck finding a modern music video that it’s not charged sexually. Or a movie or TV show.

Advertisers and producers know very well that sex sells, and because of it, they use it and abuse it.

The problem is that this takes a toll on you.

There’s a constant rise of sexual energy that was much softer in the past. It’s not like sexual energy didn’t existed 200 years ago (it ALWAYS existed), but there were fewer stimulus… and hence sexual energy wasn’t constantly high every single day.

Now, it’s impossible that a day goes by without dozens of sexual stimulus hitting you, and because of that, sexual energy rises to an all time high.

And no one taught you how to handle it so you must handle it on your own – often unconsciously without knowing what’s happening inside your body.

Meaning, your body (and mind) will choose how to handle the large influx of sexual energy without you having any say on it.

Some people are constantly desperate seeking sex, while others completely shut down and become asexual.

Some others may try to repress it so that they can function in society, while others just give in to sexual pleasures completely overruling their lives.

And there’s also the different psychosomatic illnesses that pop up without any clear reason at all.

Of course, it’s hard to know how your body is handling it.

On most cases you only know that something related to sex is not right. And this is quickly rationalized by our minds.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn how to handle sexual energy, even with the large influx and high stimulus.

There’s a way to understand and know sexual energy and its reactions inside your body.

That’s what we focus in doing in Sexual Energy Mastery.

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