The Hidden Mystical Teachings

Esoteric knowledge for the great part is not hidden at all anymore. We can now get previously hidden knowledge and techniques, for the price of a book, course, seminar, training and so on.Anyone can now learn it.

Never before in the history of mankind this knowledge was so widespread and available as it is now.

Modern mystics have told us that the period when this knowledge was kept secret has come to an end.

If we look at the Magnetic Gaze for example. Just a decade ago, this knowledge was buried and very few people practiced it. Now, anyone can learn it and it’s undergoing an exponential growth.

My teacher actually initiated the sharing of this knowledge by telling us to release this information to the world.

Apparently he was truly connected to other mystics as well since the same thing happened with many other esoteric and mystical disciplines like many traditions of Meditation, Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi among others.

Never before we could learn as many previously hidden mystical traditions as we can now.

We can learn secret teachings of buddhism meditation, yogic meditation and breathing techniques, as well as deep energy secrets of the chinese tradition.

Everything is hidden in plain sight!

Now the question is… if this is all so widely available why aren’t you getting its benefits?

If this knowledge and benefits of it are not easily available to you, it’s not because it has been withheld intentionally, but because it requires an effort to reach the inner depth of such practices.

Among other things, this kind of Magnetic Gaze, Sexual Energy, Personal Magnetism teachings are meant to transform yourself.

It’s not aimed toward an intellect that packs in organized bundles of lifeless information. It is itself a means to stimulate hidden skills that you don’t have yet at your disposal.

You actually have to do the practices, the exercises and techniques with a different type of mind and state that you use for learning other types of information. Just knowing, reading or watching this esoteric material won’t do any good.

It’s important to have a particular state of mind and connection to your Will in order to learn from it!

Start your learning experience of the Magnetic Gazewith Level 1 Foundations:

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