The importance of focus in your practice

We are currently living in a materialistic age. Even modern spirituality is materialistic.

It’s not uncommon for someone to shop around for spiritual practices.

“Now I feel like doing a bit of taoism”

Then a couple of months later:

“I’m going to a buddhist seminar”

And so on.

Nothing wrong in expanding your view of the world and learn more about other traditions. But you need to be solidly rooted in yours otherwise it’s like you are digging for oil but only go one foot deep into each hole you dig.

Naturally, you’ll never get to the oil.

It’s so easy to follow into that trap these days. You can get the oldest best kept secrets on a paperback book for $15 plus shipping and handling.

Better yet, you can instantly start reading the ebook.

Are you aware that just a few decades ago if you wanted to learn these same “secrets”, you would need to be accepted as a student of some master or guru and painstakingly work through it for years or decades?

Now, you can become a Reiki master in three weekends. Or a yoga teacher in a month. It was never as easy as it is now.

But as you can imagine, there are no shortcuts. You get what you put in.

Do you really think you would have the same mastery of – let’s say Reiki – than the old Japanese master who actually learned it from an experienced teacher and practiced it for years under his supervision?

Not even close.

The focus and the immersion are key points in all these methods and traditions.

One of the agreements I had to make when Fabricio started teaching me about magnetism was to stop practicing other traditions and methods, particularly in the beginning phase of my training.

To focus uniquely on my magnetic training.

It was not due to some kind of “jealously”, but he knew very well that I would lose focus if I started to practice any other method. Very quickly I would sidetrack on my training.

It doesn’t matter if the other method is any good or not. That’s beside the point.

It matters your own focus to practice and allowing your mind to adjust to the training you are undergoing. Which is not possible to do if you have two (or more) mind trainings undergoing at the same time.

It’s hard enough to gather your attention in a world where everything is trying to grab it. You don’t need any further distractions.

Focus on one thing and one thing only until you succeed.

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