The importance of the exercises

When doing any Charisma School trainings you might be overwhelmed with the exercises.

They all have many subtleties in order to do them “right”.

But you need to remember that this is a learning process. You’re not expected to do every single exercise right straight from the beginning.

It’s perfectly alright to do them not so well, yet… but with the mindset of keeping the improvement. And that’s the most relevant aspect.

You won’t perfectly execute them. That’s a given.

Any of the exercises are a way for you to improve your awareness. You’ll grow with the exercise.

If you think that you only learn about the exercises in the first couple of days, and then you can blindly automate them, you will be missing out on 99% of the true value of the exercise.

It’s not about blind repetition. this won’t lead you anywhere. It’s not like you can simply repeat it and all of a sudden magic will happen.

Not at all!

It’s about using it as awareness builders and learning stepping stones.

That’s the true goal.

Not to become a machine that perfectly automatizes the mechanics of any exercise.

If that’s what you have been doing make sure that you revert that process into one where you become truly aware and present into what you are doing.

If you stop learning from an exercise, then you’re missing out.

Not only do you always need a mind that is aware during the exercise, you also need to integrate its lessons in your daily life. It’s not about doing the exercise, getting up and it’s over.

No, learn from it as much as possible. Integrate it.

To this day I still learn from the simplest exercises of them all, like the fixed gaze for example, while I still see many students just doing it for the sake of doing – like they are brushing their teeth.

Make sure you don’t do this mistake.

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