The importance of the exercises

I’m often concerned about how students view the magnetism exercises.My concern is this one:

You may think that the exercise is THE tool that it will change you… while in reality, the exercise is only a gateway to change.

It gives you a different feeling, a different awareness, a different way to do things.

But it won’t magically make you use this new perspective during your day to day life.

We sure seem to cling a lot to techniques and exercises and neglect the actual change.


Well, change is much harder than taking 20 minutes a day for a few exercises.

I’m not criticizing anyone with this since I did the exact same thing. In my early training days, I just wanted to know the next exercise.

I often said:

“Give me more exercises to do!”

Until one day Fabricio told me:

“Bruno, you’re already doing more exercises than all of us combined. Why do you want more?”

This made me reflect… I was already doing more exercises than all of my teachers, yet, I wasn’t wiser or more powerful because of it.

I placed an enormous importance on the exercises themselves, and very little on the actual change. So I did my “duty” by doing these exercises everyday… but then after the exercise period was over, I would forget about those exercises and just to my daily living as if magnetism only existed for that period of time when I was doing the exercises.

Sure they create residual effects that affect everything you do afterwards, but if you are relying solely on these effects, it will take a long time before you actually change your energy and mind.

Instead of relying on an exercise alone, try to see the big picture: what’s the goal of this exercise? What I am feeling from it? What am I supposed to change from it? How is it supposed my mind and energy to feel like? How far away am I from these goals?

These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself (and our support!) when doing any Charisma School training. This is the important thing to change.

And instead of piling up a dozen of exercises everyday, reduce the load and really “squeeze the juice” out of what you’re doing. Don’t move on until you really incorporated what you’re doing.

You won’t gain much by piling up exercises and quickly going over them without actually changing your reality.

What you want is actual change of energy and mind, not some illusionary sense of accomplishment by doing a lot of different exercises.

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