The importance of the magnetic voice

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Well, the voice is a mighty indicator of the Mental State within. Excepting the Eye, no outward form of expression of character responds so quickly and fully to the inner Mental State than the voice. The voice and eye are the two principal outward avenues of expression of the Mental States within, and both register the subtle changes and degrees of the inner state. If you will stop to think for a moment and consider the different voices of the people you know, you will see that the voice in nearly every case gives one a clue to the character or prevailing mental states of the speaker. Not alone the quality of the voice but the Tone. Every reader knows the difference between the tones of the hesitating, timid, self-doubting person, and that of the confident, self‑reliant individual. There is a subtle vibration about the tone of the latter that causes one to feel confidence and respect, and which exacts obedience in a quiet, calm way, devoid of bluster or rant. Let us listen to the tones of our Positive Man.

The Magnetic Man, in his use of the voice, has acquired to a certain degree the art of the actor and orator. He
is able to express “feeling,” real or assumed, by his voice, so that a corresponding mental state is set up in the minds of his hearers. And one may acquire this art. By practice a vibrant, resonant, expressive voice may be cultivated, and used, too, with the greatest effect in Personal Magnetism.

As an instance of this let me cite you the case of Nathan Sheppard, the well-known lecturer and authority on public speaking. Mr. Sheppard relates that when he first made up his mind to devote himself to public speaking he was told by his tutors that he would be a perfect failure in such a profession, because, as he says, “My articulation was feeble; my organs of speech were inadequate; if I would screw up my little mouth it could be put into my mother’s thimble.” These facts were enough to discourage any man, but Sheppard rose above them, and determined to apply his Will to the task of conquering these disadvantages, and mastering the subject of public speaking.

And he succeeded marvelously. By pure Will Power he, as he says, “increased my voice tenfold; doubled my chest, and brought my unoratorical organs somewhat in subjection to my will.” He became one of the best public speakers of his time.

So there is hope for all of you, if you will but manifest persistence and earnestness in your application of the Will.”

The Magnetic Voice and the Magnetic Gaze are two of the most important projection sources I recommend every student to master.

They are the two things that everyone can resonate quite strongly with.

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