The importance of what you do during your day

Your work, study, or what you do during your day is of paramount importance for your magnetism.

Just think about it: you are doing it for at least 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. And it’s psychological impact it’s far greater than just the exact amount of time you are doing it. On most situations, you have work based thoughts during your whole day.

So you should at least consider the impact your work or daily activities are having on yourself.

Why is this important on your magnetism?

Can’t you just do a few energy exercises and do whatever you want?

No. Far from it. If your mind is constantly on a weakened or a negative state – such as what happens when you’re doing something you hate (or which makes you feel bad) for the bigger portion of your day – your magnetism will suffer from it.

No magnetism can be generated in such a negative mental state. All the magnetism you generate from the exercises will be destroyed by that negative mind quality.

Even if you don’t care about magnetism, having this negative mind quality will never be a good thing for you and your own personal fulfillment or health.

I’m also not defending the unicorn of following your passion. It’s not about doing only what you love and following your dreams forgetting about everything else.

If you can go for it… sure, go ahead! The possibility of achieving great things (and “dream jobs”) is within reach of all of us, as I constantly write on this newsletter.

But on many situations, there are other conditions in your life that are preventing you to do something about it in the present moment.

That’s not an obstacle to having a great mind quality either way.

In fact, you could be doing the most menial and routine job and still be extremely magnetic and having a great mind quality. One of my teachers was a barber on a small village. Yet, his magnetism was sky high.

You could be cleaning streets, serving at MacDonald’s, employee at a car wash, it doesn’t matter.

It matters your overall attitude and the mind quality which you are using during your day. Making a (very) simplistic split: either you are feeling (mostly) good during your day or you are feeling (mostly) bad.

Sometimes the type of work can be really destructive on you, hence the only solution is to change work/jobs. The same exact job/task could be a godsend for one person and a complete suffering for another.

But on many situations, with a practice of inner power and mind training, you can transform a horrible work day into a very pleasant one that reinforces your own natural magnetism – even if the work is far from being your dream job.

That’s why I consistently reinforce the importance of inner power, mind control and mind training for your own personal magnetism. Especially if your overall mental attitude is a negative one, training is particularly important if you want to develop a powerful magnetism – or simply a good life.

Start your training with the:
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