The incredible importance of your body

Your body and the feelings inside it are an essential and crucial aspect of awareness.

Every cell needs to awaken to the power of your awareness.

Your body is where everything happens… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The problem is when you don’t feel it, which is a usual state. Awareness of all the signs your body sends you is not exactly normal. They usually pass you by unless they hit you in the head like a ton of bricks.

In other words, unless it’s an intense feeling, whether negative – like any pain – or positive – just like those from sexual activity – everything else gets lost.

The problem is that intense feelings are only one possible sign of your body. There’s a whole range of other subtle signs that are also very important, yet, they go straight under the radar.

For example, your energy is an extraordinarily rich source of information, just like we described before.

It can give you insights earlier than your rational mind. But, unfortunately, we often only catch up much later to something our body has been telling us way earlier.

I know we live in a world where the rational is king. Everything else is less important. But I’m challenging this notion.

In fact, I even go the other way around. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are mostly felt before – in our energy – and only then in our rational mind, where we create a story to justify our unconscious feelings.

In other words, we feel first and think later. If you don’t connect with your body, you are losing a rich source of information. You are staying only in the superficial layer of what you can discover. That’s why we created courses like Vitality and Energy Training and Advanced Energy Science so that you can go deeper into your body and energy awareness.

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