The Infamous Wordless Attraction

The Magnetic Gaze is a powerful technique… but don’t take my word for it. Just read what a Magnetic Gaze Level 2 student wrote:[my edits are on square brackets]

“I finally achieved your infamous wordless attraction! It was today on the bus on the way home when I spotted a nice looking lady I would love to meet. My usual response would be looking away in a shy way. But this time was different, I just used the [Edit: L2 Magnetic Gaze technique] to increase her attraction.

At first I didn’t knew it was working. She looked at me once, then kept looking at her mobile. Then she looked again, my gaze was stronger.

[Edit: It’s a normal event. As the concentration and intention get stronger, your gaze power increases.]

She kept looking. We must have been looking at each other for over 2 minutes!!

[Edit: If you ever looked at someone’s eyes you’ll know that 2 minutes feels like an eternity!]

Then she looked away and kept looking at me periodically. Bruno I know exactly what you’re thinking, why on earth haven’t I talked to her? I want to see how far I can take the gaze stuff!

[Edit: Good! As long as it isn’t due to your own fear of approaching, experiments are necessary]

And it was pretty damn far! When she was leaving she walked toward me and handed me a paper with her number!! She didn’t even say anything! So I did this seduction without one word!

Final Edit: When the Magnetic Gaze is done right it’s like you create a telepathic link and the eyes truly become the mirror for the soul.

It’s especially rewarding when students have fun in applying the MG like this. It’s a life changing
skill that it’s well worth to be on your toolbox.

Start your Magnetic Gaze path with Level 1 Foundations:

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