The internal and the external techniques

As I’ve often repeated, you can’t become magnetic simply by being inside your room doing exercises or other techniques.

As good and necessary as they are, the outside work is fundamental.


Because there are blocks and energy currents that only manifest themselves in these situations.

They won’t come up when you’re alone, but they will come up when facing rejection from someone or when you’re preparing to give an important presentation.

It’s hard to connect with them if you are always in the comfort of your home.

With that said… the same way that you need the external, you also need the internal.

You need the deep awareness work done alone in the privacy of your room. That’s a certainty. It’s hard to develop the necessary awareness of your internal landscape if you are constantly with others.

You won’t have the necessary internal focus to do it. You need privacy and quiet time to develop this inner awareness so that you can identify what is holding you back when you go outside.

Thus, it’s always a combination of the internal and the external. If you want to evolve in magnetism, you need to be out there the same way you do the internal, private exercises at home.

That’s why we always combine both exercises and techniques in our training. They are both necessary to the magnetic path.

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