The Limits of the Magnetic Gaze

When I was the learning the Magnetic Gaze with Fabricio, there was a time where I was stuck. I believe it was somewhere around Magnetic Gaze Level 3.Regardless of what I tried, nothing seemed to work.

What I gained remained, but I couldn’t advance any further. I simply couldn’t succeed with the new techniques!

Sometimes, we reach our limits.

Especially in this kind of esoteric and energy training, this is very apparent.

Yet, it’s not really our physical or energetic limits.

It’s only the limits of what we use to do, our habits, behaviors and the way we do things.

Nothing seemed to work because what had led me up until that point was not enough to proceed.

To advance any further, certain things had to change in me.

Deeper attitudes, habits and beliefs.

A new way to see and relate to the world.

And older behaviors and beliefs were holding me back.

Once I realized this and started to act accordingly, instantly, new doors open up and everything started to work as it should!

We have to enter the deeper beliefs of what we are trying to achieve and start to live them!

You have to ask yourself:

“What am I trying to achieve?”

and then, once you know:

“In my life, what aspects, beliefs, behaviors, actions and/or relationships are not coherent with what I’m trying to achieve?”

The answer to these questions often demands big changes.

But necessary changes if you want to evolve and go past your self-imposed limits.

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