The logic behind your defensive behaviour

The feeling of a block in your energy body is common for those who start training in magnetism.

You may feel an interruption in your energy flow, a contraction inside, which can manifest as muscular tension, either big or small.

These blocks can be present at all times but more often than not, they “awaken” when you perceive a threat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual physical threat to your well-being (e.g., someone physically attacking you). It can be anything that your mind and body perceive as a threat, and often these are fairly normal and straightforward events (e.g., talking to a potential romantic partner).

When these blocks awaken due to a perceived threat, you feel an impulse inside which then manifests as external behavior.

For example: your potential romantic partner gives you a nice compliment and, for some reason, you feel a tightness in your heart center, giving you the impulse to run away. You can control that impulse, but instead of running away, you act aloof and withdrawn.

Instead of being happy about receiving a compliment, you feel the complete opposite and behave negatively.

The root of this is an unconscious perception of the compliment as a threat and the unconscious reaction to it.

Both of these need to be acknowledged and understood. Just by doing this, you’ll understand important elements about yourself and who you really are.

We all think we are conscious beings and our behavior is rational and logical. Once you start doing this work, you will notice how this is not true and how a different logic is at play.

In our next email, we will discuss the work that needs to be done to take actual control of your behavior.

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