The long game of magnetism

Charisma and magnetism are much more than standing out when you’re going to a party. As good as it may be to have the advantages of being magnetic, the development of this magnetism is far more valuable.

I didn’t get this straight away.

Like you and everyone else, I valued (and still do!) the practical consequences of getting more attraction.

But once you reach a certain stage, this stops being a priority. Just like a billionaire getting an extra million. How much do you think he values it? A lot less than when he was broke.

It’s the same with magnetism. When you reach a certain point, attraction stops being a priority, and you start to get the big picture.

To get to this stage, you developed your energy awareness, your inner power, your Will, you handled stuff from your past, and so on.

In other words, you evolved and became better.

For me, the realization of the true value of magnetic training was the shift that made me want to share this training with the world.

While I understand the priorities and the value of the daily benefits you get, the long game is far more valuable for me.

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