The Magic of Sexual Energy

Many people still think Sexual Energy is some “magical spell” you cast to become attractive.As much as I would like to reinforce this magical aspect of it (much more exciting!), it’s far from the truth.It’s only magical to those who don’t understand the underlying energies of the human body. Once you start recognizing and developing these energies, the magic of it goes away pretty quickly.

You understand that Sexual Energy is nothing more than a different frequency of your energy that you can tap, just like tuning in to different radio stations. They are there all along, and you just need the right frequency.

And this frequency allows you to communicate and interact with other people in a whole new different way than you are used to.

Their perception of you also change dramatically.

Your energy starts to have a different quality, and hence others look at your in a whole new different light.

If your attempts at seduction before always ended with the dreaded “Let’s just be friends”… you need this “new frequency” more than anyone.

At least if you want to radically change your dating and romantic life.

The “Let’s just be Friends speech” means you weren’t sending any kind of sexual energy to others around you, and hence, you have very little sexual attraction. No more than a friend.

That’s why our Charisma School motto is:

“If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual”

Seems revolutionary right? Who would have thought about that? (irony mode!)

Increase your sexual energy, and increase the quantity and quality of people you are dating!

To change your own sexual attractiveness, start our Sexual Energy Mastery training here:

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