The Magnetic Equation

The magnetic personality is a lot more than a bunch of techniques and methods stitched together.

You will never become magnetic if your training is merely 20 minutes of exercises in the morning and then forget about magnetism in the rest of your day, while just doing what you always did.

Just like a healthy lifestyle is not just about doing 30m of exercise 3 or 4 times per week. You also need to consider your nutrition, sleep, emotional health, the time you spend sitting and so on.

The training of personal magnetism must also be integrated into your whole life.

The exercises are great to get you into the magnetic mode, but then you must maintain the awareness during the rest of your day.

All your behaviors, thoughts, actions can be defined as magnetic and un-magnetic. The ones that are magnetic have a purpose and an energy behind them. The ones that are un-magnetic are reactive and often unconscious. There’s little magnetic energy behind them.

The more magnetic behaviors, thoughts and actions you have during your day, the MORE magnetic you become.

The more un-magnetic behaviors, thoughts and actions you have during your day, the LESS magnetic you become.

It can be considered as a simple equation.

That’s why the more unconscious you are during your day, the more you run on auto-pilot, the less magnetic you become. While if you consistently use your energy, Will and sense of purpose, your magnetism is bound to develop.

But for this you need to consider your training as much more than simple exercises. As good as they are, without a change in your day to day life, in the way you think and in the way you behave in the world with yourself and with others, there can be no change in your personal magnetism.

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