The magnetic progress

You don’t start the magnetism training already magnetic.

You grow into your magnetism. Little by little.

You can start from zero – or below zero – and you gain points, aspect by aspect. Many small things, small behaviors will make one big one.

A Magnetic man (or woman) has many different things he does unconsciously: the projection of energy, good quantity and quality of energy, the different projection sources, and so on.

Most likely he didn’t learned them.

They were developed over the years – particularly on early years, although it depends on the case – and assimilated into their own behaviors.

So he does a lot of right things unconsciously.

That’s also your goal: to achieve an unconsciously magnetism. But your path – if you aren’t already magnetic, just like I wasn’t – will be a conscious one instead of unconscious.

You train different aspects of magnetism, one at a time, until many of them are unconscious and 100% natural to you.

The path is conscious – and hard. But once an aspect is internalized it becomes part of you, little by little, you become the same (semi-conscious) magnetic man. I say semi-conscious since the path to get there was 100% conscious, but the end result is unconscious mastery.

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