The magnetic voice

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The Salesman should cultivate a voice with expression in it. His voice should convey his belief in what he is saying, and his interest in the story.

You will find it an aid in this direction if you will learn to visualize your thoughts—that is, to make a mental picture of the thing you are saying. One can always describe better that which they see before them. In the degree that you can see your mental picture, so will be your degree of power in expressing it to another in words, and so will be the degree of feeling in your tone.

The voice should express the meaning of your thought rather than being merely the symbol of it. Try to say “Good Morning” as if you meant it—then say it in the usual way. Do you see the difference? Throw your thought and feeling into your voice. Forget all about yourself and the other man and concentrate your thought and feeling into your voice.

Many people make the mistake of “speaking with their muscles instead of with their nerves.” They throw muscular
energy into their words, when they should use nervous energy, or thought-force. The former has but little effect on the mind of the other, while the second vibrates subtly and reaches the feelings of those addressed. Feel, when you wish to speak impressively, and your tones will reflect the same, and induce a similar feeling in others.

It is a point worth remembering that one may “bring down” the voice of an excited person to one’s own pitch, if the latter is firmly held at the customary pitch, in a firm manner. Not only does this “bring down” the other man’s voice, but his feelings will also follow suit, and besides, you also manage to keep your own temper and poise. Never raise your voice because another raises his—resist the tendency,and maintain your poise and power by so doing. This is worth remembering.”

Although this is referring to salesmen, it could as well be applied to everyone in all walks of life.

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