The magnetic voice and the power of oratory

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“Oratory, and other forms of appeal to the feeling by spoken words, gives us a typical example of the operation of this form of Mental Suggestion. The orator; the lawyer; the preacher; each uses words calculated to induce mental states, feelings and emotions, in the minds of his hearers. Such a one soon begins to learn the suggestive value of words, tones and expression.

He avoids the use of cold, abstract words, and drifts into the use of those which are symbols for deep feeling and emotion, knowing that these words symbols uttered with the proper tone and expression, will induce the feelings, for which they stand in the minds of the hearers. The hearer’s emotions and feelings are played upon, in this way, like an instrument.

The emotion or passion, whether it be love, fear, hate, greed, patriotism, courage, jealously, sympathy, etc, is awakened by the skillful use of the words, tones and expression which stand as symbols for these feelings.

If you will remember how you were touched by an address, that afterward seemed trivial and flamboyant to you – without argument, proof or sense – then you will realize how you were made the subject of Mental Suggestion through Association.

The skillful salesman operates upon you in the same way. So does his twin brother, the advertising man. The revivalist has this art reduced to a perfect science.”

The use of the magnetic voice is a powerful tool you may have at your disposal.

Even if you don’t do any kind of public speaking, using the magnetic voice in your everyday life is bound to improve your magnetism tenfold.

You can learn how to use it in the Magnetic Voice step of Personal Magnetism training!

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