the magnetic voice

In our modern covid-19 world, where phones and video conferences became the norm to interact with others, it’s now more important than ever to have a voice that projects your energy.
Everything in you resonates with an energy quality: your voice, your gaze, your movements, and so on. They all project an energy quality and that is important to be in congruence to what YOU want to project.
If you are aiming for sexual attraction to whoever you are talking with, yet your voice is dull and lifeless with no sexual energy whatsoever, then you’re not going to get very far.
The same with your business video conference if your voice doesn’t command respect and magnetism.
So at this moment the voice is playing a primordial role in the world due to our remote interactions becoming ever more common.
Your magnetic voice can really shine on the phone or videoconferencing, or it can bomb.
We focus on the voice training in Personal Magnetism and Become a Sexual Man – each with different outcomes and goals.
But you need to be aware that, when training your voice, it’s not like you are training it like an actor would. No, the important part for our purposes it’s the energy and your connection to it.
You are not trying to get certain voice effects or accents… you are projecting energy. That’s the number one goal in all magnetic voice training.
And that’s quite a different training from an actor – as good and useful that training may be.
You’re not doing voice tricks, you are making sure your voice is resonating with the energy you already have inside.
And from that previous sentence, you can immediately come to the conclusion that it’s also not like you should ignore everything else and only focus on the voice.
All the other principles of magnetism must be there as well. The Will, the inner power, the energy training, etc… all this is what gives the voice its power.
Still, now the voice as a magnetic projection source, it’s at a situation that should be given some extra thought and training.

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