The magnetism in your room

It’s very easy to be magnetic in the privacy of your own room.

You do a lot of exercises, you feel powerful, you feel good.

There’s nothing else in the external world disturbing you.

You’ve mastered your internal world during this time where no one is there.

But… that’s not REAL magnetism.

You can only truly see your magnetism in the interaction with others.

If you are powerful alone in your room but invisible as a wallflower in an interaction with other people, then it means you are not magnetic.

It’s like you are learning public speaking. It’s very easy to be a great public speaker in the comfort of your living room when no one is there. But you actually need public speaking practice with an actual audience in order to become good at it. There’s no way around that.

Or it’s like you are learning tennis but you always play alone. How good of a tennis player will you be? Probably not a good one.

The same way, it’s very easy to be extremely sexual and project a lot of sexual energy when there’s no input from the external world. You are only developing your sexual energy alone.

But if you have no attraction from others in your regular everyday living, then your sexual magnetism is not there yet.

It’s not hard to understand why it’s easier to feel magnetic alone than in the external world. External inputs force you to feel other things you are not feeling when you’re alone.

Since the inputs are different, the energy moves differently. And it’s hard to predict what will happen.

Only when you’re actually out there practicing and testing will you know exactly what will happen. It’s very normal to uncover a lot more blocks that you haven’t identified in your alone practices.

It’s quite paradoxically that only in the interaction with others you’ll uncover a lot more deep internal stuff that you need to deal with.

But don’t get me wrong. Alone practices are important and essencial. It’s hard to develop any kind magnetism with just alone practices OR with just external practices. The combination of both is the key.

Just one or another on their own will not stand for the development of magnetism, but combined they are very powerful.

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