The magnetism that connect us

I’ve written before how your magnetic process is different than everyone else.

But there’s also an important aspect to understand: there’s a common thread that connect all of us who learn magnetism.

My path is certainly different than yours, and everyone else.

I had a goal that was adjusted and changed as my path evolved. Maybe you always had the same goal or a different one, it doesn’t matter.

I had certain difficulties, and certain exercises which were easier for me. I also had exercises which I THOUGHT were easier and they end up being the hardest of them all.

Maybe for you the experience was similar, or not, but that’s not important.

When we start the magnetic path, however different it may be, we’re still connected by the pursuit of the energy mastery.

Just like if I was attempting to learn piano and you were attempting to learn the guitar. Two different instruments, connected by the love of music.

It doesn’t matter if I want to learn the piano to play at a great hall, or if you want to learn guitar to play with your group of friends.

That’s not important.

There’s a common thread that connect us that shouldn’t be underestimated.

This common thread is what allows me to understand your experience – however different it may be. Because we’re working with energy, and energy has commonalities in the way it works.

What’s different is how it affect us and how we handle it.

I’m always fascinated by the descriptions of students of certain phenomena that happens on their training. Even after all these years, there are still different aspects that I’ve never seen before.

Yet, I can understand them because I understand energy and how it works – or at least some part of it.

That’s what connect you, me and everyone else walking the same path.

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