The main obstacle to develop the Will

Yesterday we discussed the importance of the Will power, which is the most recognizable Will trait when someone talks about the Will.Nearly everyone thinks about the power.

“I have a weak Will Power”


“I have a strong Will Power”, people say.

As important as Will Power is, the Will is much more than this, and have many more traits to cultivate.

Yet, there’s one obstacle common to all of them.

One obstacle that stops you from developing the Will in all its glory.

The main obstacle is:

The automatism.

Or in the words, the force of habit. Doing things because that’s the way you always do it, without
applying any kind of energy in what you do.

There’s nothing wrong in using automatism in the lesser things of life – your normal hygiene routines, what to wear and so on…

AS LONG AS you use this Will energy in important the activities of your life. In activities that contribute to your success and well being. Just like relationships with others, your work, your studies, your development and so on.

I’ll be more specific on how you can know if you’re falling prey to this obstacle.

If you find yourself with the same negative patterns over and over again, whether in relationships, or business or any kind of activity, automatism is present and you need to place some Will in there to awaken yourself OUT of these patterns.

You are asleep in those situations and you need to wake up.

The most important aspects of the Will is to be conscious and reflexive. You can’t be applying your Will in an autonomous way.

That would be an oxymoron.

You need reflection, consciousness, effort, energy into what you do in order to change the patterns and break the automatism!

Awaken yourself to the force of Will and illuminate several patterns of your life in the training course “10 Steps to Inner Power”:

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