The Mistakes we Make

We’ve all had behaviors in the past that we regret doing. Something we did (or didn’t do) where we now know it was a bad decision.

Maybe it’s even something we are now ashamed of having done.

It can also be situations where we would have preferred not to be involved with.

They can be directly or indirectly caused by you or they can be something that happened to you. A bad luck type of event.

Whatever it was, it happened, and even if it was completely your fault, you can’t keep living with this weight on you.

Or worse, to allow this situation to define your present and future as well as your identity.

The most important point is to genuinely learn the lesson.

This doesn’t mean swiftly saying it won’t happen again and put it under the rug.

But instead you need to think, reflect and take action. This might include changing yourself and your own mental habits to completely prevent this type of situations to happen.

Of course, you may also come to the conclusion that it was a freak accident. Some random bad luck that happened to you. And in here – if you can honestly say that – not much you’ll need to change in yourself.

Yet, at some moment, accident or not, your fault or not, you’ll need to let it go.

You can’t keep blaming yourself and have this regret affect every aspect of your life including your own identity.

Learn and change what you need to change, but let go of the guilt and regret.

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