The most potent tool you have at your disposal

Here’s an interesting text from William Walker Atkinson:

“And what kind of eye has our Magnetic Man? Need you ask this question? What would you expect? Of all the physical avenues of expression of the Mental State within, the Eye is the most potent and nearest to the “soul within”.

The eyes have well been called “the windows of the soul”, and they give a clearer idea of the Inner Man than all else combined.

And therefore, we may expect our Magnetic Man to have an eye that reflects the Power within him. And we are not disappointed, for even a hasty glance will show that he has what people call “an expressive eye”. It manifests every Mental State, at the Will of its owner.

Now stern, now tender, now commanding, now loving, now masterful, now caressing – it is an obedient instrument of the Will operating it. And it produces the most wonderful suggestive effect upon those coming under its spell.

As an inducer of Mental States, the Eye has no equal among the physical agents – even the Voice, wonderfully potent thought it be, must yield precedence to it. Its is more than a physical agent – it is a direct avenue for the passage of Mentative Currents.

Very magnetic people, when aroused by deep interest, emotion or desire – combined with Will – seem to have a constant stream of Mentative Magnetism flowing from their eyes, which is felt by those within their field of influence. I need not to call your attention to the wonderful power of eye, for you are fully acquainted with it from personal experience.

You know how Power shows itself in the eyes of people. In cases where the Will has been developed to a very high degree, it is true that the Mentative Energy can be so concentrated by a very earnest and powerful glance that an actual physical effect may be produced.”

That’s what we train in the Magnetic Gaze Foundations training!

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