The necessity of radical honesty

One of the essential traits for developing any magnetism is radical honesty. Not just the kind of honesty where you tell the truth to others — although that is important — but, above everything else, you need radical honesty with yourself.

It’s quite easy to fool yourself into believing nonsense and justifications.

For example, you might think you are not successful in your dating life because you don’t have tattoos, long hair, wealth, a nice car, or whatever other reasons you might create in your mind.

But then, you start to become aware of your energy, particularly as you interact with possible sexual partners, and you notice the complete absence of any sexuality. You want to have sex while blocking all feelings of sexuality inside.

Notice how we create our reasonings instead of looking at reality.

That’s why I keep focusing on awareness as the key element of magnetism. Only with awareness can you have radical honesty with yourself and understand exactly what goes on inside you.

Notice the effects on your energy. It won’t lie like your thoughts.

Your thoughts may fool you, but your energy won’t. It will always tell the truth, even when your thoughts seem very convincing.

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