The New Magnetic Self and the Old Self

Yesterday we discussed about this kind of esoteric material being now more available than before.Yet, it’s not because of this that the benefits are more prevalent than before.

Since to actually get it, you need to evolve beyond your current states, your moods and your thinking.

Which is not easy. There needs to be a complete transformation of your self. So you have to let go of the previous self, and accept the new powerful you.

In Charisma School we often speak about several personal qualities you can develop using these methods.

These qualities come at the expense of other parts of you. You can’t be confident, powerful and shy at the same time. Yet, you can be reluctant to let go of the shy part of the personality. And because of this, the power can’t evolve.

Not only certain parts of you must take the back seat so the new parts can shine, these new parts must also be used in the daily life.

Any kind of personality traits grows on itself by using it. All the virtues we speak here in Charisma School gather their strength not by some miraculous energy power, but by their daily and regular use.

The energy is certainly part of it. But the energy can’t shine if you don’t let it. You can’t pull the rope and let it go at the same time.

Start this personal magnetism journey with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

Followed by the Personal Magnetism training where we focus on the more exterior aspects:

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