The old secret of attainment

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Few persons know what it is to pursue an idea or ideal with persistent determination. They have not learned how to “Will-to-Will”. The tremendous forces of the Will are not called into efficient activity by them. “They will but feebly”, as it has been said. They do not know what it is to have a purpose firmly fixed in mind, insistently desired, confidently expected, and then persistently followed with indomitable determination and resolution to the end.

Well did the ancient occultists say that “In Imagination and Will is to be found the Secret of Attainment”. The Imagination to form and to hold the Image, and the Will to actualize it into material objective form and reality: there is a great truth in these words, if one has sufficient insight to perceive it.

Will Power, that indefinable but powerful weapon of the Self, is the sword firmly grasped in the right-hand of the “I Am I” which has awakened to a consciousness of its real essential nature and its innate powers. The Will lies closer to the “I Am” than any of the other mental instruments or tools. It operates along the lines of subconsciousness as well as of those of consciousness; it works while you sleep, as well as in your waking moments, once you have set it into operation. Its influence extends far beyond the petty limits of your physical presence, and it produces results at a distance when properly applied. Only those in whom the consciousness of that Something Within, the “I Am I”, has been awakened, can begin to understand what is meant by the old esoteric aphorism: “Let the Will will itself into willing.”

Emphasis added by me, on purpose, to stand out an important truth.

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